As a consultant, I've earned ongoing contracts to manage strategic planning, diversity training and brand communication for businesses, individuals, and non-profit organizations.

My work includes advising leaders, developing curriculum and leading facilitation for diversity and inclusion, cultural competence, and talent/organizational development.


Strategy Formulation - Diversity/Inclusion, 

Brand Communication, Communication Audit, Market Research, Executive Communication

Organizations often face serious workforce dilemmas in communicating during a culture shift and need guidance for determining which solutions work best. Organizations need a broader range of ideas and insights to draw on in decision-making, brand engagement, workplace culture and policy development. Organizations need plans that capitalizes on past wins, current momentum and future success; and identify any obstacles that lie ahead in order to produce strategies to overcome them.


Leadership Coaching for Mid-Management

As employees in mid-management seek advancement and present a unique set of desires and challenges, organizations must identify those who have potential in accordance with what they value and what is needed.

Individual leadership coaching typically requires at least 6 months of engagement for up to 50 hours. Service includes an intake session, individual quantitative and qualitative assessments, 360 interviews, written behavioral action plans, personal brand map, one-on-one calls/sessions, milestone meetings with stakeholders, constructive actions, and accountability.      


Millennial Coaching

Group coaching for millennial employees (4-8 people) ages 21 -35 typically requires a half-day leadership training session for emerging leaders (young professionals/ERG) within your organization with six-weeks of virtual learning. Based on curriculum from the book, The Original Millennial, group coaching gives millennials best practices for fine-tuning the skills needed to take their professional careers, and your organization, to the next level.