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Strategist | Storyteller

Everyone needs a champion.

Are you tired of questioning your potential? Are you serious about maximizing your gifts? Are you ready to build a more diverse workplace? Grow your brand and your business? Impact your community and your culture?


It starts with leadership.


Dr. Aerial Ellis is a sought-after thought leader and an award-winning communicator recognized globally for her proven ability to transform culture, improve diversity, navigate change, enhance communication, build community and drive innovation.

Allow her to be the champion that helps you shape your vision as a leader.

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Dr. Ellis really helped me see myself and my goals in a new way.
She guided me in identifying those areas that were uncertain and mediocre and helped to truly develop me. I really felt safe and seen with her. I am a much more effective leader now and have a better view of how to move in excellence.



Hi, I'm Dr. Aerial Ellis!

I am here to help you abandon mediocrity and reach excellence. 

You might be a millennial leader seeking guidance along your professional journey or you might be a seasoned executive trying to navigate the new norm with diversity, equity, and inclusion in mind.

No matter your path, it’s time to develop a clear vision for the future ahead.

​Since starting my first business as a young entrepreneur, I’ve demonstrated a high level of authenticity, trust, and leadership.

Whether you’ve read my book or heard my podcast, know of my success in the PR industry, or perhaps you heard me speak or sat in on my trainings, you can expect me to ignite the excellence in you.

I want you to maximize all that you are called to be. 

Let me be your trusted partner. 


Ways to Work Together


01. Coaching

Significant leadership can only thrive in significant relationships.

✔️ You need a relationship that you can trust.

✔️ You need a relationship that you feel connected to.

✔️ You need a relationship that develops your leadership capacity.


Most of all, you need a relationship that helps you get better results.


Learn more about my programs for early-career professionals, practitioners in the PR/communication, DEI and HR fields, and executive leaders in all sectors. 


02. Consulting

Organizations often face serious DEI dilemmas and need guidance for determining which solutions work best.


My company Advisory 83 is a communication consultancy committed to strategic planning, communication, and education in the space of diversity, equity, and inclusion.


We've served clients such as Amazon, Learfield, Microsoft, ICANN, and Teach for America with DEI solutions for training, strategy, coaching, and communication.  


03. Speaking

Meaningful experiences require impactful speakers.


I have been in demand with organizations facing intergenerational and multicultural challenges and with audiences across the globe from the U.S., China, Europe, and South Africa. Starbucks, National Urban League, SHRM, and Jackson - to name a few- are some of the partners I've served.


Learn more about how I can serve your organization. 

My Book

Read My Book

Millennials will represent 75 percent of the U.S. workforce by the year 2025 thus changing the face of leadership.


Discover the six defining areas that every millennial must master in the book, The Original Millennial: Lessons of Leadership for the Millennial Generation.


Tune in for the Latest

The Podcast

This podcast is for those who sense a royal calling in their lives, who are learning to hear God’s voice in clarity and need motivation for the assignment, and who want to live out His calling with excellence.

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